Empower Your Team with the Tools of Improv Comedy

UCB’s world-class instructors use improv and storytelling as a lens through which to train a wide range of professional skills. Our standard curriculum focuses on creative collaboration, better communication, active listening, brainstorming, presentational skills, and more, while generally improving participants’ abilities to think on their feet. Improv fundamentals such as the “Yes-And” philosophy serve as a foundation on which to expand these and other professional skills. Additionally, our workshops are customizable and can be tailored to fit your exact training goals.


With options for both small and large groups, UCB workshops are ideal for new employee orientations, off-sites, sales events, annual meetings, parties, and much more.


For additional info, quotes, booking, or questions, please email sayhello@ucbcomedy.com


Workshops Offered

Always Improvising

In this workshop, we’ll work with your team on improving your group dynamics. Improv listening, improv cooperation, improv groupthink. This workshop is focused on the idea that through listening and working together, the group will move forward.


Improv for Innovation

This workshop is for teams that feel stuck in the team’s ability to innovate or are looking for a fresh way to collaborate. We’ll focus on ways to get the team out of their head and work together to find new paths!


Your Best Workshop

Your best workshop is the one that we tailor to your needs. Does your team need to blow off steam and have fun? Do you want to sharpen your presentation skills? Get to know each other better? Let us know and we’ll work with you to develop a workshop best suited for you and your team.