Matt Newell is an actor, writer, improvisor, and amateur mixologist from the sprawling metropolis of Youngsville, NC. He started his improv “career” over 20 years ago at Comedy Sportz in Chapel Hill, and after moving to LA, studied/performed at The Groundlings, iO West, and UCB. On stage, he was a member of the Harold teams Kid Grift and Outside Dog and the Maude team, The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club. Other UCB shows include Outside Dog Gets One Star, Shit Tok, How I Met Your Sitcom, and I’m Too Effing High. Outside of UCB, you can see him on your tv in Adam Ruins Everything and Comedy Bang Bang and on the silver screen in Golden Arm and Happiest Season. When he’s not at UCB, you can usually find him hiking with his dog or annoying his wife. He is me.