Create, Develop, Pitch, and Perform Original Characters by Elevating Physicality

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Physicality in Characters with John Milhiser is here to help you create, develop, pitch and perform funny original characters by elevating the physicality. This workshop will teach you how to think beyond the wigs by focusing on developing the game of each character as well as the physical movement and voice of each sketch character -- even if they don't have a literal voice. Then we can start thinking about wigs! 

This course will focus on the simplicity of what makes a successful character and the physicality that can bring it to the next level. The workshop centers heavily on pitching characters and how to nail a pitch to a room of writers. Each student will be required to develop characters outside of class as well as in. Students will have round-the-clock access to notes on their character scripts.

By the end of the workshop each student will get to perform the characters written in a character showcase. This workshop is ideal for people working on a character set for a comedy showcase; such as JFL or SNL.

For the final show, each student will perform 3 characters (2 long characters and 1 short palate cleanser)


Must be 18 years of age or older to enroll. Please note that all courses are non-refundable. For more detailed information on our Terms & Conditions visit