Hands-on Experience in a Simulated TV Writer's Room

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When he was first hired to work in a writers' room, Lamar had no idea how a writers' room was supposed to work. "I just sat there looking around like 'am I supposed to be talking?' My ass almost got fired!" - L.W.

So now, he's teaching the class he wishes he could have taken back then! In this course, students will learn the basics of being in a room, including Story Breaking, Sitcom Structure, Joke Pitching, and how to support the Showrunner's vision. In addition to lessons on these subjects, students will simulate their own writers' room to gain hands-on experience in various development phases -- from blue sky sessions to addressing network notes, and everything in between.

Lamar has worked in rooms for shows such as New Girl, Brooklyn 99, and more recently Grand Crew. These shows were all very different from each other, and he is excited to offer his collective experience to upcoming writers who are considering staff writing as a career.


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